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Organizational Administrators can grant different roles to users. Roles have the following permissions:

Centrally managed roles (invited through RevMan portfolio pages)

Sponsored Individual Subscriber

(registered online)

Organizational AdministratorUnit LeadAuthor
Access to the organization's reviewsAll in organizationAll in unitIf named as authorNo
Create reviews owned by the organizationYesYes *NoNo
Create reviews owned by the individualNoNoNoYes
Invite others to collaborate on a reviewYesYesNoYes
Create unitsYesNoNoNo
Manage project management featuresYesNoNoNo
Add or update tasksYesYesYesYes
Access to portfolio pagesYesYesNoYes
Access to individually owned reviewsNoNoNoYes

If sponsored subscriptions are enabled, any organizational administrator or unit lead can also register for a sponsored subscription to allow them to create reviews outside of their organization's portfolio.

Someone with multiple roles can switch between roles to enable the permissions they wish to use. 

You can see a person's role by enabling the access view and clicking on their name.

* Organizational administrators can choose to remove this ability from all unit leads. See Change organization settings.