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Cochrane users

 This page applies to a small number of Cochrane reviews in a pilot project using the portfolio and project management features in RevMan.


Log in to the RevMan portfolio and project management as an organizational administrator.

The Users page shows properties of all users in your organisation.

You can click on the context menu next to any person's name to see the roles they hold on units and reviews. From the same menu, you can remove all roles from a person and/or terminate a sponsored individual subscription.

    • Centrally managed users: you can see whether they are active. If they are not active and do not have a self registered subscription, they are not included in your used seat count.
    • Self registered users: you can see when their subscription starts. Their subscription end date is the same as your organization's expiry date.

You can export the list of users should you wish to analyze this data further.

Access view

On the unit portfolio page, you can manually switch on and off the Access view mode. The Access view shows the contact person and the authors for each review in the unit, as well as the active sharing options.

Organizational administrators can enable the access view mode by default in the organization settings

When the access view is turned on, administrators and unit leads can view all the roles that a user has within a unit by selecting their name and clicking on View User Roles in Unit.