Change organization settings

This page is for

(tick) Organizational Administrators | (error) Unit Leads | (error) Individual subscribers | (error) Cochrane users

Log in to the Cochrane RevMan Portfolio pages as Organizational Administrator.

Go to settings.

  • You can set the number of days before a milestone or task is marked as due (yellow).
  • You can disable lifecycle assessments, set days before due dates are marked as due and default days before next assessment is due. Defining these settings allows to display the 'Not started' and  'Assessment due' tabs in the portfolio view. See Assess and view lifecycle status for a review.
  • You can disable the access view mode that shows information about roles in the life cycle assessment by default.  
  • You can disable the option for unit leads to create new reviews. The option remains enabled for organization administrators. Note: Changing this setting will have no effect on any of your Sponsored individual subscribers who would still be able to create reviews.

Click Apply to introduce the new settings in your organization.