Sponsored Individual Subscriptions

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An organization can choose to allow people affiliated with their organization free access to RevMan with an Individual Subscription. Your organization will not have access to any sponsored subscribers' reviews or data. 

Please note that individual subscribers will not have access to your portfolio of reviews. If you want to invite someone to work on reviews managed by your organization please add them as a unit lead or as an author on a specific review.

If you're not sure whether to invite someone as an author or grant them a sponsored individual subscription, compare the permissions.

If your organization has enabled sponsored subscriptions, you will have received an email from support@cochrane.org explaining how to grant access to the individuals you want to have access to RevMan. Access is authenticated by one of the following:

  • IP address
  • email address or domain
  • unique code

Individuals register for access at https://subscribe.cochrane.org. Individuals will have access for as long as your organization’s subscription is valid.

To talk to us about enabling sponsored subscriptions, please contact RMWsubscriptions@cochrane.org

Managing your Sponsored Individual subscribers

The number of Individual Subscriptions that are sponsored by your organization can be seen in the Subscription Details page. Each Individual Subscription takes up one seat, even if they also have a centrally managed role with your organization.

To view or download a list of all the people who have a sponsored subscription, click on the Users tab in the Subscription Details page. This will display a list of all users including sponsored individuals. This will include the start date of their subscription and the date they last logged into RevMan.

You can choose to remove subscriptions from this page by clicking on the three-dot menu next to a person’s name and selecting Remove from organization. If you do this, the person will receive an email letting them know that this has been done, and they will immediately lose the ability to edit their reviews. They will be able to view and download their reviews for at least 60 days. After this time Cochrane may export their data but individuals will be able to request a copy for up to a year after their subscription was terminated by emailing support@cochrane.org. After one year, the data will be deleted.

Renewing subscriptions

When you renew your organization’s subscription to RevMan, individual subscribers will need to re-register at https://subscribe.cochrane.org. This allows you to change your authentication each year if needed, and will automatically remove access for people who do not require it anymore.

Users will see their expiry date and a warning banner in their Portfolio pages when their subscription has expired, and the banner will prompt them to contact their sponsoring organization to find out about renewing. Your organization is responsible for letting your sponsored subscribers know how and when to re-register. 

If your organization’s subscription ends and you have not purchased a renewal, any sponsored individual subscriptions will expire on the same day as your subscription ends. Users will lose the ability to edit their reviews but can view and download them for at least 60 days. After this time Cochrane reserves the right to export the data and store it outside of RevMan. After one year this data will be deleted.