What is Archie?

Archie (https://archie.cochrane.org/) is Cochrane’s online database of documents and contact information. It contains data about people involved in Cochrane.

What is a Super User?

If you are a Super User in your group, you have maximum permission level to manage group contact records and other information. This can include:

Groups can have more than one Super User. You can combine the Super User role with other group roles.

What are Archie group roles?

Roles in Archie reflect people's level of involvement in Cochrane, and set their permissions to access Cochrane resources and perform specific tasks. See Group roles and Access to Archie: group roles and permissions.

Roles are also useful for tracking and monitoring contributor involvement and maintaining communication.

What are my responsibilities as a Super User?

Super Users are responsible for keeping their group data in Archie up to date.

  • Ensure all staff in your group are allocated the correct role in Archie. See Group roles.
  • Remove people's roles if they are no longer involved with your group.
  • Check your group lists annually and update as needed.

Do I need to create accounts for users and update their contact details?

No. Everyone involved in Cochrane can create their own Cochrane Account, and view and edit their own details in My Account: https://account.cochrane.org/my-account/#!/profile.

All updates made in My Account are visible in Archie. See Managing user accounts.

Where can I get more help?

The Archie Knowledge Base provides instructions on how to complete all group tasks in Archie. If you have a query that is not answered here, please contact support@cochrane.org.