At least one staff member of each Cochrane group is entitled to free full-text access to Cochrane Library content. See information on eligibility for authors and group staff in the Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource.

  • The staff member can be chosen by the group.
  • The subscription must be activated by a group Super User.

To activate your group's access to the Cochrane Library

  1. Open your group's Properties, and go to the Subscription tab.
  2. Select the Subscription to the Cochrane Library.
  3. Click to Edit
  4. In the subscription pop-up that appears, select Type: Online.
  5. Tick to donate.
  6. Select the staff member of your choice via the person button. See Choosing a person, document or date.
  7. Click Apply.

The staff member to whom the subscription has been donated, will then have a Subscription tab on their person record.

Subscriptions can be set to Suspended or Online. The default for existing authors is Suspended, so authors who wish to begin using their subscription must activate them first. People who become Contact Person author for the first time will be set to Online.

See also Complimentary access to Wiley journals