Group roles in Archie define a person's involvement with Cochrane.

Group roles are allocated to people in Archie to:

  • Grant permissions to access specific resources or perform specific tasks (e.g. access reviews in the editorial phase; vote in Executive elections; manage Group websites)
  • Identify key user and stakeholder groups (e.g. authors, Consumer Reviewers) and define their access to Archie and level of permissions.

A person's group role in Archie does not need to be the same as the person's job title. You can use the Role Specification field to add further information if needed.

Changes in group roles: new starters and leavers

You must notify the Cochrane Central Executive when people start or end their appointment to the roles listed below.

Group Type RoleAction for new startersApproval required?Responsible for circulating information regarding change of role Action for leavers
Cochrane Review Groups

Co-ordinating Editor

Send the name of the candidate and supporting documentation (CV) to support@cochrane.orgYes - Editor in Chief ME SupportMake Archie role inactive and add dates of service as role specification
Deputy Co-ordinating EditorYes - Editor in Chief ME Support
Managing EditorNoME Support
Information SpecialistNoCIS Support


Yes - CEOHead of Knowledge Translation
Information SpecialistNoCIS Support
Geographic Groups


Yes - CEOHead of External Affairs & Geographic Groups' Support
Associate DirectorYes - CEOHead of External Affairs & Geographic Groups' Support
Methods Groups

Convenor or co-convenor

Yes - Editor in Chief Methods Implementation Co-ordinator
Translation Projects

Managing Translator

NoMulti-Language Programme Manager

Changes in group roles: leavers

Staff and Super User roles on leavers' records must be deleted for data security reasons.

Other roles should be made inactive if the person's activity with Cochrane needs to be recorded (see table above for roles which should not be deleted). Please add the person's dates of service in the Role Specification field.

When a role is marked as inactive, all permissions that rely exclusively on that role are removed.

If your group is the person’s primary group, you should change the person's primary group before making their roles in your Group inactive. Please contact for assistance.

If all a person’s roles are marked as inactive, the person's overall status will change to inactive. See Inactive status.

Group roles and Document roles

Document roles and Group roles generally work independently of each other.

However, if you try to delete a person’s last role within your group, and the person still has a Document role, you will get a warning message. You will need to decide if the Document role should also be removed.

  • If you add an Author Document Role for a person who does not yet have an Author role within your group, Archie will create that automatically.
  • You cannot delete the Author role for a person who has a Document role for a review in your group. You can choose to remove the Document role, and then delete the Author role (e.g. if the review has been withdrawn); or make the Author role inactive.