Add or remove authors - for organizational users

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Add an author

Watch our short video on how to invite authors to a review.

Log in to the Cochrane RevMan Portfolio pages as a unit lead or organization administrator. 

On the unit portfolio page, select the three dots to the right of the review title. Select Add author.

On the invitation screen, if the person has no existing roles in your organization, select Invite by email. Add name and email address and click Send invitation. The person will receive an email inviting them to log in. See Access Cochrane RevMan Web for the first time.

If the person has another role in your organization already, select Add known user. Search by name or email address and click Add known user. The person will not receive an email, but the role will be available to select the next time they log in. See Switch between roles.

To see someone's role, enable the access view and click on their name.

Remove an author

On the unit portfolio page, locate the relevant review. Ensure the Role view is switched on, then click the next to an author's name to remove the person's role.

Change Contact Person

When you create a review, you will be listed as the first author and Contact Person. See Add or deactivate reviews

On the unit portfolio page, select the three dots to the right of the review title. Select Change Contact Person. This option will only be visible if you have added at least one other author.

Select an author from the dropdown menu as the new Contact Person. You will be able to select users who are already authors on the review. Save.

Please note: changes you make to your Cochrane RevMan Portfolio (such as changes to units, roles or reviews) will show immediately in your browser. However, if you have another tab open or changes are made by another user, you may have to refresh the page to see those changes.