About groups

All Cochrane groups (e.g., Geographic Groups, Review Groups and Fields) are listed under Resources.
The groups are either shown organised by group type (e.g., Review Group), or as a full list of all groups in alphabetical order. This depends on your Preferences.  
To display the contents of the Group folders and go to an individual group, you can:

  • Click a folder. It is highlighted and the contents are displayed on the right hand side of the screen; or
  • Click the + sign next the folder to display the contents in a tree-like structure under the name of the folder.

Group Properties

Group Properties contains information about groups. The Super Users (or others with the Max permission level) of each group can edit these properties.  
The Properties available for editing will depend on whether the group is a Cochrane Review Group (CRG), Field or one of the remaining types of non-CRGs.
The Properties for all groups are organised under the following tabs:

  • General - This contains contact details for a group.
  • Info - This contains information related to the status of a group (e.g registered or not registered), a Publisher ID and the Parent group, if applicable (e.g. a Centre Branch will have their national Centre as their Parent group).
  • Roles - This contains the roles available for a group. The roles available will vary according to the type of group (e.g. Review Groups will have different roles to Centres). You can use this to add, edit and delete group roles and set permissions for each role, see Editing Group roles.
  • Subscription - This presents subscription management system that helps you to manage your group's complimentary subscriptions to the Cochrane Library. To donate an online subscription to an individual, click the subscription in the list and click Edit. In the editing window, tick the box next to 'Donate', select the person to whom you wish to donate the subscription, and click Apply. See Complimentary subscription for more information on using the online access. Each CRG also has one complimentary subscription to Wiley journals - see Complimentary access to Wiley journals.  

Cochrane Review Groups and Fields have extra Properties tabs:

  • Support - (Review Groups only) This lists the internal and external sources of financial support for CRG. New sources of support can be added and other sources edited or deleted.
  • Topics - This contains the CRG or Field Topics list. You can add new topics or open a topic for editing or deleting, see Topics lists.

See also Editing a group