Each user can specify a number of preferences that control how Archie appears to them. Some user-specific settings must be able to be set by Super Users, and are therefore located on the Settings tab of each person's Properties.

To access your individual preferences, use Tools >  Preferences

General preferences

Start page

You can choose which tab to display when you log in: Resources (the default) or Search.

Date formats

Use this to choose how dates are displayed.

PDF files

In the PDF File option you can set a default watermark (Draft/Confidential) that will appear in a generated PDF file for a review.
To include the Review Number in PDF files, mark the Show Review No in PDF Header check box.

Mobile devices

By default, Show Icon for Accessing Context Menu is set to For Mobile Devices Only, where Archie will auto- detect if you are using a mobile browser. You can also set it to Never, or Always.

Resources preferences


You have three options for how many groups are displayed in the tree view: Show all groups, Show affiliated groups only, and Show primary group only.

 Tip: you can also modify this setting with the small buttons above the Resources tree: 

If you select Group by group type, the Resources tree divides the groups by type, instead of listing all groups alphabetically (the default)

Start folder

This determines which folder in the Resources tree is expanded when you log in to Archie.  The default value for this is your Primary group, but you can choose any group in the system.

Reviews Folder Grouping

This determines how the contents of the Reviews folder is structured. The first level of ordering is through choosing the subfolders of the Reviews folder. This can be set to review stage (e.g. protocol or review), review type (e.g. intervention or overview of reviews), review status (e.g. active or withdrawn), the starred status, the updating classification status,  or none. The second level of ordering allows choosing how to group reviews within the list in each folder, where the same options are available.

Default Review View

This determines the initial view type used when viewing a review .

Search preferences

If you run a search that has exactly one match, you can choose to automatically open the Properties for the record by checking Automatically pop up property dialog if a search has exactly one match.

Default search tab

This determines whether the Search tab will open to Quick search or Advanced search.

Notes preferences

Default Sharing Level for Person Notes

This determines the default sharing level for notes created for persons.

Default Sharing Level for Document Notes

This determines the default sharing level for notes created for documents.