Data extraction templates

These data extraction templates can only be used to import data into reviews using study centric data management. All new protocols created from 25 April 2023 have study centric data management enabled.

See Should I use study centric data management in my review?

If your review does not have study centric data management enabled, you can enter study data manually. See also Paste study characteristics.

Are you using Covidence?

If you are using study centric data management and choose to use Covidence to extract study data, your data will automatically be exported in a format compatible with import into RevMan. See Import data from Covidence.

If you are not using Covidence, you can download and use the templates below to inform the design of your data extraction forms.

Data extraction templates to import study data is only available for the Included studies. For all other studies (Excluded, Awaiting classification, Ongoing), see how you can enter study data manually and edit study information. See also Paste study characteristics.

Use these templates to import all of your study data in a few clicks. 

Before preparing your data extraction templates, make sure you have set up your review criteria as these will need to match exactly with the data in your files.