1 July 2024: The Editorial Publishing & Policy Resource is scheduled to be archived. This page may not contain the most updated version of the information and is being retained for reference until 1 August 2024. 

Please see Proposals to conduct new Cochrane reviews in the revised editorial guidance resource.

From 24 June 2022, updated Review Proposal Forms (RPFs) are available to authors at Submit a Review Proposal Form to Editorial Manager.

Note that in the new proposal process, in which authors submit proposals to the central Editorial Manager site, not all Cochrane Review Groups will use RPFs to assess proposals; however, for proposals being taken forward centrally in the Evidence Production and Methods Directorate, authors will be directed to the updated RPFs as a key resource to help plan their protocol. For CRGs who continue to use review proposal forms, instructions on how to request authors complete the RPF are available in the Editorial Manager Knowledge Base.