1 July 2024: The Editorial Publishing & Policy Resource is scheduled to be archived. This page may not contain the most updated version of the information and is being retained for reference until 1 August 2024. Editors may visit the revised editorial guidance resource.

Cochrane's editorial and publishing policies and practices for articles published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, the Cochrane Library.


Submission to publicationAfter publication
General editorial policiesGeneral publishing policiesFor Editors: editorial management

This section provides guidance for editorial teams on how to implement the policies listed in the Cochrane Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource plus policies or information specific to Editors involved in the preparation and publication of Cochrane Reviews and other Cochrane content.

Appeals policy: editorial management

Assigning What’s New events to Cochrane Reviews

Authorship and contributorship: editorial management

Cochrane Review Group Specialized Register: request for exemptions

Comments on Cochrane Reviews: editorial management

Complimentary access to selected Wiley journals for Cochrane Review Groups and Satellites

Conflict of interest: steps to action Research Integrity Editors and CoI panel decisions

Co-publication templates for CRG Managing Editors

Copy Edit Support

Data protection

Editorial note: editorial guidance

Editorial responsibility and approval

EMD screening resources

Figures and tables: general reporting guidelines

Gold open access Cochrane Reviews and Protocols: editorial management

International editorial organizations: information for Cochrane Editors

More than one Cochrane Review Group (CRG) providing editorial support on a Cochrane Review

Overlapping scope: editorial management

Proposals for new Cochrane Reviews: editorial management

Peer review: editorial management

Plagiarism: editorial management

Policy for managing potentially problematic studies: implementation guidance

Promoting Cochrane Reviews: how to plan dissemination activities

Rejection policy: editorial management

Withdrawing published Cochrane Reviews: editorial management

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