The records that match your search term(s) are listed under Results. From the Results list you can:

  • do all the things you can do for a person under Resources: open Properties, begin an email message, create a label, etc.   
  • select records for exporting in a variety of formats, emailing people, or printing labels.

The number of records identified your search is displayed on the Results tab e.g., 'Results (174)', however you may not have permission to actually view every record found. If there are more results than will fit on one page, you can move through the results with the navigation controls in the lower right corner. Click Previous or Next to move one page back or forward, or click a number to move directly to that page of results. The actual number of records retrieved is shown above the list of results.      
Records in Results can be selected for future use, e.g., for editing, exporting, or printing of labels. You can select and unselect records by using the check boxes in front of the records, and the buttons at the bottom of the Results page. For example, to select one of your results, click in the check box in front of it. The record is placed in the selection set, and now has a check mark in the box The total number of records currently selected is always shown on the Selection tab, e.g., 'Selection (2)'.

Sort order

You can pre-specify on the Advanced Search tab in which order search results should be presented on the Results tab. The results are sorted in:

  • Alphabetical order for the text fields, e.g., Name, Email, Review No or Title.
  • Numerical order  for numeric fields, e.g., Created, Date modified or Next Due date).
  • By pre-defined order for fields like Workflow type or Role.  

Selecting records in Results

You can select and unselect records in Results by using the check boxes in front of the records or by using the buttons at the bottom of the Results page (Select, Unselect, Select All, Unselect All). The method you use will depend on whether you want to select all the records in Results or only some of them.
From the Results page, you can change the selection status only of records in your current set of results. You can read more about ways of using Selection in Combining results from multiple searches.
Note that the Selection set can contain only one type of resource (People, Groups, or Documents). Thus, if you have, e.g., selected a group of people and then select an group, the people you had selected will be removed from Selection.

To select all records in Results

  1. Click Select All. All records in Results ( that you have permission to retrieve) are placed in Selection.

To unselect all records in results

  1. Choose Unselect All. All of the currently selected records in Results will be removed from Selection.

Note: This action unselects all records on the Results page that are currently in Selection. Other records that are in Selection from previous searches will remain. If you wish to clear the entire Selection, use Clear under Selection.

To select some results

  1. Click the check box in front of each result.

To unselect a result

  1. Click the check box in front of a previously selected result.

Highlighting a series of records to select

You can use the Shift key to highlight a series of records and then select these.

To highlight and select a series of records

  1. Click the first record in the series you want to highlight.
  2. Hold down the Shift key and click the last record in the series you want to highlight. All records in between will also be highlighted.
  3. Click Select. The highlighted records are selected.

Running a modified or new search

To modify your search

  1. Click on the Quick or Advanced tab to return to your latest search. It can now be modified and run again.

Note: Your latest results will remain under Results until you run another search or log out.

To begin a new search

  1. From the results page, click New Search (at the bottom of the page). This clears all search results and search terms and takes you back to the Search page you came from. Any records you have selected will remain in Selection.

See also: About Search, Selection, Combining results from multiple searches, About tools