Records selected from the Results list are displayed in Selection. From here records can be viewed, edited, exported or printed (depending on your access rights). The numbers of the records being displayed at any given moment are given in the bottom right-hand corner of the Selection page (e.g., '1 - 25 of 167'); in the same place are directional arrows which, when clicked, move you to the next or previous page of selected records.

You can do a number of searches and build up a list of selected results from each search and place them in Selection. Read more in Combining results from multiple searches.
Note that the Selection set can contain only one type of resource. Thus, if you have, e.g., selected a group of people and then select a group, the people you had selected will be removed from Selection.
Selected records are shown in the Results list. Records remain in Selection until you clear them, log out, or select a different type of resource.

To clear all selected records

  1. From the Selection page, click Clear (at the bottom of the page).

To unselect some selected records

  1. Highlight the records you want to unselect (see Highlighting records).
  2. Click Unselect (at the bottom of the page).

To export selected records

  1. Select the records you want to export.
  2. Go to Tools and from the context menu choose Export and Labels The Export Wizard window opens.
  3. Choose Other Formats and click Next.
  4. Choose a export format from the pull-down list and click Next.
  5. Choose the fields you want to export by clicking the field and then clicking Add.
      Tip: You can use Up and Dn buttons for selected fields to customize the desired order in the list. 
    Tip: You can remove items from the list again, to do so, highlight the field and click Remove.   
  6. Click Export. 
  7. Save the file on your local computer.

Tip: You can also use the Quick export function at the bottom of the Results and Selection tab. Find records you want to export and select them. Choose the format from the pull-down list and click Export.

See also: Export options for review versions.