Please avoid exporting personal contact details from Archie, for reasons of data protection. See Exporting data from Archie and Data protection and privacy.

If you need to export records (for instance, to populate an external mailing list which is data protection compliant) please export the minimum data needed and delete the spreadsheet after use.

Records can be exported in the following formats:

  • HTML table
  • Comma-separated values
  • Excel file
  • Email string
  • Contact details list
  • Email list
  • Outlook format
  • Outlook Express format
  • MeerKat format

Note (for users of Microsoft Outlook): .The Email string format uses a comma as separator. Outlook has a setting to control whether or not a comma can be used as an address separator (the default separator is a semi-colon), and it is disabled by default. To enable it in Outlook go to Tools > Options: Preferences: E-Mail Options : Advanced E-Mail Options. In Outlook Express, this is enabled by default.

To export contact details

  1. Find the person(s) whose details you want to export and add them to you Selection set. See Selection.
  2. Choose Tools > Export.
  3. Choose Other formats and click Next
  4. Select the Export Format from the pull-down list [If exporting as Phone or email list, Email string or Comma-separated values, click on the fields available to customise your export] and click Next

  5. Choose fields you want to export by holding Ctrl + left mouse click and click Add.
  6. Click Export.
  7. When the File Download box appears, choose Save or Open depending on your purpose, then Close.
  •  Tip: If all you need is to email the people, you can click Email All at the bottom of the Selection tab.