Combining results from multiple searches

Sometimes you may need to find information that requires more than one search.
You can run a series of searches and select the records you want from each search. These selected records are built up into one set of records in Selection. You can do any number of searches and select any number of records from these searches and the selected records will remain in Selection until you clear them or log out.
You can also perform searches for resources of one type, such as reviews, based on their relation to another type of resources, such as persons, you have previously added to Selection.      

Example: Refining a set of selected records with a second search

If you need to refine your selection, you can do this by manually choosing the records and using the Unselect button. If the records you wish to remove can all be found with a new search, they can be removed much more easily.
Suppose you want to generate labels so you can send a set of papers to all Information Specialists (CISs). But those CISs that are also Managing Editors (MEs) have already received the papers at a recent meeting, so you want a list of all CISs who are not also MEs. This can be done by first finding and selecting all CISs, and then finding all MEs and removing any of these already in Selection.
Make sure that Selection is empty (use Clear on Selection page if needed) and go to the Advanced Search page.  
Search 1: Find all CISs

  1. Choose to search for People.
  2. Choose Role in group Is Information Specialist In Any group.
  3. Click Search.

Select the CISs

  1. From Results, click Select all. All CISs are now in Selection.
  2. From Results, click New Search. This will take you back to the Search page you came from. Notice that your selected records are still in Selection.

When you need to run a new search that is similar to the one you have just run, modifying the information you previously entered can be easier than beginning a new search from scratch. Just the click the relevant search tab, e.g., Advanced, to return to the search and modify it.

Search 2: Find all MEs

  1. Choose Role in group is Managing Editor in Any group.
  2. Click Search.

Unselect the MEs

  1. From Results, click Unselect all. Any MEs who were already selected will be removed from Selection. Your selection now contains all CISs that are not also MEs.

You can generate mailing labels for the selected records by using Tools > Export. 
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