Versions of reviews and translation are stored in Archie. The version history is visible on the History tab of the document properties.

IMPORTANT - the full version history of a review including all drafts is available in RevMan Web. You can view, compare and revert all versions on the RevMan Web dashboard. You can also view and compare submitted versions within Archie.

Version history

  • Version number keeps track of the order of versions. A higher number means a later version. The version is increased to the next integer (e.g., from 1.6 to 2.0) the first time a review is submitted, and after the first submission following each publication. The second number increases each time a version is submitted (e.g., from 1.1 to 1.2).
  • The version's publication status is shown with a circle icon. Only submitted versions are stored in Archie. See also Publishing.
  • Date version submitted.
  • Person who submitted the version.
  • Version description is entered by the user on submission. 

Review versions have several additional attributes:

  • Stage – Vacant Title, Registered Title, Protocol or Full review, shown by different icons in the list of versions
  • Title – the review's overall name in Archie will be the current title, but each version will record the title the review had when that version was created.
  • Byline - the list of author names generated for that version.
  • Publ. status - for published versions, details of which issues it was published in.
  • Publ. flag  - for published versions, either New, Updated, Amended, or Stable.
  • New citation - for published versions, Yes or No
  • Commented - for published versions, Yes or No
  • Read phase – Authoring, Shared or Editorial. See Authoring and editorial phases.
  • DOI - for published versions, the DOI of that particular version.