About documents

You can work with several types of documents in Archie. Some of these are special Cochrane documents such as Reviews. But it is also possible to store other files in Archie, such as PDFs, module text in HTML format, Word documents or even links to external files.
Some of the benefits of storing document in Archie are:

  • You always know which version of a document is the latest, and where it is.
  • You automatically retain every single version (until you decide you no longer need them).
  • Anybody who should have access to a document can do so at any time, as long as they have Internet access.
  • Your data are stored safely (see Data protection policy).

Sharing documents

By storing documents in Archie you can allow multiple persons to access the documents. Three elements control access to documents:

  • Group roles - the Super Users in a group have full control over all documents in the group. This includes creating and controlling folders for generic documents. See Permissions linked to Review Group roles.
  • Document roles - the special Cochrane documents, such as Cochrane Reviews, have Document roles that can give permissions.   
  • Folder permissions - files have their permissions set on the folder level. Permissions for a folder can be assigned to Group roles.

See also  About reviews, About files.