Review history

The History panel on the RevMan dashboard allows you to see the full version history for all review types. 

Column nameDescription

A higher number means a more recent version. Submitted versions have two-part version numbers. Drafts have three-part version numbers.

The first number increases by 1 after the first version is submitted and after the first submission after each publication. The second number increases each time a version is submitted. The third number increases for each draft.

Version 1.0.3 is the first submitted version. It has not yet been resubmitted for editorial approval. Three drafts have been stored.

PublishedCircle icons indicate a version's publication status. Draft versions have an open blue circle and versions published in the Cochrane Library have a full black circle.
  • Version submitted to Editorial Manager for editorial processing. 
  • Draft version tagged in RevMan. Versions are viewable from the dashboard.
PhaseThis can be Authoring, Editorial or Shared. See Viewing permissions.
Version created by Who tagged or submitted this version and when - versions created by 'System' are automatic backups saved every few hours when a review is being edited in RevMan.
DateDate version created, in user's local time.
DescriptionUseful to track progress on the review for other users e.g. 'Studies imported' or 'References A-D copy-edited'

Differences between Archie History and RevMan History

The Archie History tab contains Accepted and Published versions only.

In RevMan, you can compare any version or sub-version of the review in the Review history. See Compare versions in RevMan. Please note that only the last 5 automatically tagged versions are saved. Older versions are automatically deleted and cannot be restored. To save a version for a longer period, tag a version manually.

In Archie, you can only compare the versions that are listed in the Archie History. See Comparing versions in Archie.