The Authoring and Editorial phases are special attributes for reviews and their versions that control who can edit the document and view each version. The Authoring phase means that only people with the document roles Contact Author or Co-author (and Group's Super Users) can edit the review, while the Editorial phase gives access to individuals with all non-author document roles.

Review Write phase and version Read Phases

A review has an overall Write Phase that determines who can edit it but in addition, each version has a separate phase that determines who can read that version. The review's Write Phase is displayed in the Resources tree view and on the General tab of the review's Properties. The version Read Phase determines what versions an individual user can view, and thereby also which versions they can compare.
Example: A review that is in the Editorial Write Phase can only be checked out and back in by editorial users, and whenever an editorial user checks the review in, the version created will have the version Read Phase Editorial. Such versions cannot be read by authors, so if an author decides to view the review's History, she cannot see the most recent versions (which in this example are editorial drafts), but only those version with an Authoring (or Shared, see below) Read phase.

To change the review's phase

  1. Open the review's properties sheet and go to the General tab.
  2. Choose the phase in the Write Phase option.
  3. Click Apply and then OK to confirm changing.

Shared versions

Versions that have changed from Authoring to Editorial, or the opposite, will have the Read Phase Shared. This allows persons from both groups to view (but not check out) the version. Without this attribute, authors would not be able to see the versions they just submitted, because the versions would have moved to the Editorial Read Phase.