FAQs for organization admins

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How do I allow our students to access RevMan for learning about systematic reviews without giving them access to our reviews?
Talk to us about enabling sponsored individual subscriptions, or use practice reviews:

  • You can use the practice reviews feature in RevMan to create temporary reviews for training purposes. No subscription is needed. All participants will be prompted to log in or create a (free) Cochrane Account. Each user will be able to create one practice review at a time. Practice reviews will be deleted after 30 days. See full details of how practice reviews work.

How can I invite an external person to collaborate on a review that my organization created?
You can invite anyone to collaborate by adding them as an author from your portfolio page.

How do I use units to manage my organization’s reviews and portfolios?
There is no set way you should manage your organization, it is up to you. Here are some examples of how different organizations have done this:

  • A small research group of 12 people has created one Unit per staff member. Each staff member is a Unit Lead so they can manage their own portfolio. Senior staff are all Organizational Administrators so can see all units’ portfolios.
  • A large teaching institution has created one unit per department and/or research group. The senior librarian is the Organizational Administrator. Each department head is a Unit Lead for their department’s Unit and they have added administrators as additional Unit Leads. They have enabled Sponsored Individual Subscriptions to allow students to create free individual subscriptions for anyone with their institutional email address.
  • A large research group has created one Unit per topic. They have added Unit Leads to each topic as needed. The senior management team are all Organizational Admins.

Please use the knowledge base to find out more about permissions and managing your organization.