Export data

Export feature

The Export feature in RevMan allows exporting data from a selected review version as a ZIP file containing: 

  • Article PDF 
  • Article source files
  • Data files
    • Study data CSV
    • Study data JSON (study-centric reviews only)
    • Study references RIS
    • Other references RIS
    • All analyses CSV 
  • Status report

Go to RevMan Dashboard > History panel.

Select the version you need to export data for, by ticking the box to the left of the version. This enables the Export button.

Click on Export

A pop-up window named Export review data will appear to select the review data you want to export. Tick the relevant boxes and click on Generate export package.

Focused review format

If you have enabled the focused review format, you can export supplementary materials. Please note that you may export duplicate data if you select Supplementary materials and some of the other data options.

See further guidance on switching to focused review format.

Study-centric reviews

If you have enabled study-centric data, the Study data file is also available in JSON export format. The JSON file includes all data together. It can be imported from RevMan directly, facilitating the transfer of study data to another study-centric review when needed.

See further guidance on study centric data management.

It can take up to a few minutes to generate the export package. While exporting, the Export button appears greyed out as you cannot export more than one package at a time. However, you can keep on working in RevMan while the export is taking place. Once the export package has been generated, the Export button is enabled again. 

Once the export has been completed, the Downloads panel automatically appears below the History panel. The export package is labelled with the corresponding export date and time.  

You can download the package by clicking on the Download icon. If you want to remove the package from the Downloads panel, click on the Bin icon

The Downloads panel is per user and per review. The exported package(s) are visible in the corresponding Downloads panel for each review and will not be visible to other users.

The Export feature is not intended to replace the export function for individual figures. The download feature per analysis or per figure remains available.

Find the zipped folder named CDnumber-export-package" in your Downloads panel and unzip it.

Note: "CDnumber" changes in the file name according to the review CD number. The CD number is visible in the RevMan Dashboard > Status panel.

The export package

Depending on the data you have chosen to export, the folder will contain different files and folders. 

Article HTML 

The article can be exported in HTML format to preview it outside RevMan. To be able to see figures and open supplementary materials (focused review format only) in the HTML version, these files must be exported as well and extracted first. 

If you want to copy the HTML version to a Word document and be able to access both internal and external links, you can open the HTML file in LibreOffice Writer (download LibreOffice), then save it as a .docx (Word) file for further editing in Word.

Analysis and study data

Unzip the CDnumber-data folder to find two sub-folders:

  • Analysis data
  • Study data

Note: If you have enabled the focused review format, analysis and study data are located in the CDnumber-SUP-datapackage.

Analysis data 

The folder contains three files: 

  • Overall estimates and settings (analysis level)
  • Subgroup estimates (mid-level estimates for each subgroup)
  • Individual data rows (all the rows in all the analyses) 

When you export analysis data for a Diagnostic Test Accuracy review, the Analysis data folder will contain the following two files:

  • Data rows
  • Parameters

Study data 

Depending on the review type, the folder will contain a different number of files.

  • Study information (information on which studies exist and study characteristics)
  • Study arms
  • Risk of bias
  • Study results

When you export study data for a Diagnostic Test Accuracy review, the Study data folder will contain the following three files:

  • Risk of bias
  • Study test data
  • Study information

  • Numbers are formatted in six decimals, unless they’re entered manually, in which case all decimals entered will be shown.
  • Empty columns are those that are not relevant in the selected review.