Cochrane authors and editors


  1. All changes you make in your review are continuously and automatically saved. You can tag a version if needed. 
  2. You can work concurrently on different sections of the review. If you work simultaneously on the same section, RevMan will notify you.
  3. Advanced integrations are available in RevMan to enhance review quality and support Cochrane's latest methods. You can use Risk of Bias 2, create your 'Summary of findings' tables via GRADEpro GDT and enable Study centric data management.
  4. Practice reviews are available for all to try out features and functions.
  5. The Cochrane Support team are always available to answer any RevMan queries!


Log in to RevMan and click on the title of your review in the My Reviews view.

Editorial teams

Right-click on the review title in Archie and select Open in RevMan.

Editors can access reviews at any time, in both Authoring and Editorial phase. Editing rights will depend on your editorial role. See View a version.

Dashboard icon

 The dashboard icon will show next to the review title when the review is in editorial phase (locked for editing). You can still access the review Dashboard and selected versions of the review. 

 Next to the institutional logo, you will see a random geometric icon, which you can change to your profile picture by creating a Gravatar. See Update my profile picture in my Cochrane Account