Create a practice review

Create a practice review

Test out working on a practice review. Log in to RevMan and click on My Reviews on the top menu.

Click on the Create Practice review button. This will be visible right away if you have no reviews. If you have a long list of reviews scroll down to the Practice Reviews heading. 

You can create a practice review  from: 

Note the expiry date

Practice reviews automatically expire 30 days after creation. You can see the expiry date for each practice review.

You can also use the bin icon to delete a practice review at any time.

Note: If you have reached the maximum number of concurrent practice reviews, the 'Create Practice Review' button will be inactive. To reactivate it, delete one of the practice reviews or wait until it expires. 

Work in the practice review

Open the practice review by clicking on its title. You can edit the review like a live review, adding text, data and figures. However, note that part of the dashboard is disabled.

Changes made will be lost after the practice review is deleted or expires.