Collaborate on a review

Working on different parts of the review

RevMan allows concurrent editing, meaning that review authors can work simultaneously on different parts of the review. For example, you can work on the Objectives and your co-author can work on the Methods section. You can also work on different parts within the same section, for example, in the Methods section, you can work on ‘Types of studies’ and your co-author can work on ‘Types of participants’ text field.

View others working on the review

RevMan allows you to see who is logged in and working on the review. Icons appear in the top right corner of the screen, and hovering over them will show the name of the other people logged into that review on RevMan. Within a few minutes of closing the review in RevMan, other viewers' icons will disappear. 

Warning notification if you are working on the same text field

RevMan allows simultaneous editing in different text boxes. If you click on a text box where someone else is already working, you will be notified by RevMan that changes have been made by your co-author. To avoid problems with saving changes, please coordinate work with your co-authors and agree on who will work on which section, and when.

Warning notification if you lose your Internet connection

In case you lose your Internet connection, RevMan will alert you that co-authors working on the review will not be notified if you happen to be working on the same text field of your review. When you are reconnected to the Internet, the notification function will be available again.