If there are multiple, very large or complex Appendices in a review, please consider using an open online repository, as detailed in EPPR External data and files.

Order of Appendices

Each appendix should be linked in the text of the review in the order that the author wishes them to appear in the appendices.

Figures in Appendices

Figures/forest plots that are part of a data analysis are automatically included at the end of the review and will be duplicated if they are linked in an Appendix.

Other figure types not automatically included elsewhere in the review, and will not be duplicated if linked in an Appendix only.

The internal links in the text to an Appendix will only link the Appendix and not directly to a Figure/image included in an Appendix.

Please note that large images do affect the size of RevMan files and submission files, which can cause problems - for instance with comparing versions, with generating the submission files and possibly affecting publication.

If you have questions about a particular Appendix or the review size please contact