Supplementary materials

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See further guidance on publishing Supplementary materials.

If there are multiple, very large or complex supplementary materials in a review, please consider using an open online repository, as detailed in the External data and files guidance. 

Order of supplementary materials 

Each supplementary material should be linked in the text. Where applicable, the order of supplementary materials is as follows: 

  1. Search strategies  
  2. Full Characteristics of included studies table 
  3. Full Characteristics of excluded studies table 
  4. Full Characteristics of studies awaiting classification table 
  5. Full Characteristics of ongoing studies table 
  6. Risk of bias judgements and support for judgements (for Risk of Bias 2) 
  7. Analyses 
  8. Downloadable data package  
  9. , 10, 11, etc. Other supplementary materials: these supplementary materials will appear in the supplementary materials list after the downloadable data package, in the order in which they are linked to in the main article text

Supplementary materials are generated for Cochrane Reviews from RevMan. Most are automatically generated from what is included in the Data section of RevMan. See how to edit supplementary materials.