See linked policy: Deceased authors

Editorial Manager and Convey

If the author's declaration of interest forms had been previously collected via Convey, it is the Managing Editor's responsibility to download the forms, add them as attachments to Editorial Manager, and request closure of the author's Convey account. See specific instructions in Section 5D of Cochrane's CoI Policy Guidance for Managing Editors.

RevMan and Archie

It is the responsibility of the Managing Editor to make the following changes:

  1. Insert ‘Deceased’ (without parentheses) in the footnote field of the author’s contact details within the RevMan file of the review. It is important to note that this is a review-level annotation, so if the deceased author is included on the byline of other reviews, the same footnote should be included in the RevMan file of each review they authored. To add the footnote, right-click on the author’s name in RevMan and click Edit to reveal and complete the ‘Footnote:’ field (text box at the bottom of the editing screen).
  2. Republish with the following What’s New events: for a Cochrane Review, select Amended AND New Citation; for a protocol, select Amended AND New Citation: No Major Change.
  3. If you are the Primary Group for the deceased author, please replace the email address with (where XXXXXX is a random string). You can use to generate a random string to ensure the placeholder address is unique. Delete all other contact details, apart from city and country from the Archie record. When the contact details have been amended, please make the deceased author's person record Inactive. To do this, open the author's Properties sheet in Archie, click on the Info tab, untick the box next to Active. In the Specification field, insert 'Deceased'. Note that when all the person’s entity Roles have been made Inactive, the full Person record will automatically be set to Inactive.

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