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People in Archie can be marked as inactive - either in just a group role, or at the person record level. A person record becomes inactive by making all its roles inactive.

Making a group role inactive 

If a person is no longer contributing to a particular role, the role should be made Inactive in Archie and the person's contributions added to the Notes tab on the person's Properties Sheet. This is the preferred option for an inactive author on a protocol or review, for example. You can also add a Note to the Review's Properties Sheet stating that the author is no longer contributing to the review.

  • If you need to mark a group role as inactive for a person in your Primary Group, who also has active roles with other Cochrane groups, you should first change the person's Primary Group to one of the other groups.

When a role is marked as inactive, all permissions that rely exclusively on that role are removed.

You also have the option to delete a group role if it is no longer relevant.

  • If the person has no other active roles in any group, you will need to request a role for the contact within the Membership Project in order to remove your group role. See Assigning roles to people.

To make a role inactive

  1. Go to the Roles tab on the person record
  2. Select the relevant role, and click Edit
  3. Group Role window opens.
  4. Remove mark from the Active check box and click OK
  5. Remember: If the last role is marked inactive, the person will also be marked as inactive

Making a person record inactive

If all a person's roles are marked as inactive, the person's overall status will change to inactive. At this point, a Reason for Inactivity field becomes available on the Info tab of the person properties. For a person that has passed away, use the standard term 'Deceased'.   

Deceased contributors

If a contributor is deceased and should no longer be contacted, please delete all contact details apart from primary email, city and country (required fields) from their Archie record. Please replace the email address with (where XXXXXX is a random string). You can use to generate a random string to ensure the placeholder address is unique.

All a deceased contributor's group roles should be removed (if no longer relevant) or marked as inactive. The Reason for inactivity on the Info tab of the person record should be 'Deceased'. If you need to mark a record in this way where the contributor has roles in other groups, please contact

Policy resource

The Cochrane Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource has further information on deceased authors.

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