Cochrane’s editorial and publishing policies can now be found on the Cochrane Library Editorial policies page. Cochrane authors and editorial teams should refer to the Cochrane Library as the primary source of information on this policy. For editorial guidance on policies the EPPR remains the primary location.

Cochrane welcomes comments on Cochrane Reviews, protocols for Cochrane Reviews, and Editorials published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (CDSR). Commenting on Cochrane Reviews and Protocols provides an opportunity to contribute to the ongoing improvement and updating of a Cochrane Review. Seeking and responding to comments, and the transparency of that process, are important parts of the scientific process and publication ethics, as reflected in guidance from the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors.

Comments are welcome from all users of the Cochrane Library, including patients and consumers.

Comments should be submitted via the Cochrane Library and may be published on the Cochrane Library. See Submitting comments.

Cochrane Review Groups have editorial responsibility for Comments on their Group's reviews. This includes decisions on how to respond to the Comment and whether any changes are needed to the review being commented on. Contact Authors of Cochrane Reviews are responsible for responding to comments on their reviews.

The process for managing and publishing Comments is overseen and supported by the Cochrane Central Executive, which also manages comments on Editorials.

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