All Cochrane Review Groups and the DTA Editorial Team state their specific peer review process clearly on their website, including:

  • A link to the Cochrane peer review policy.
  • Any additional information on the peer review process specific to the CRG.
  • Estimated timelines for peer reviewing a Cochrane Review or a DTA Review, as appropriate. (e.g. you will usually be asked to return the peer review checklist/provide a peer review report within three weeks)
  • The specific role of the Information Specialist(s), Managing Editor(s) (including Assistant/Deputy Managing Editors), Editor(s) and Co-ordinating Editor(s) in the peer review process, specific to the CRG.
  • The aimed for number/mix of peer reviewers per Cochrane Review (either a link to this document, or CRG-specific aims) - must not be fewer reviewers than the minimum number stated in the policy.
  • A clear statement on the CRG’s approach to consumer peer review and the support available for consumer peer reviewers
  • Guidance for peer reviewers specific to the CRG or DTA editorial team, including what to do/who to contact if misconduct is suspected. 
  • From December 2019, a list of peer reviewers who submitted reports in the current calendar year, and, in subsequent years, an archive of previous years’ peer reviewers.

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