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This guide briefly lists some basic tasks in the system.

For more complete explanations, please refer to the linked sections.

Some users may not be able to do everything that is listed here. See Permissions for more details.       

Log in

Go to the Archie log in screen and enter your Cochrane Account username and password. This will redirect you to Archie, if you have access to Archie. See Access to Archie.

Find a person

Type the person's name (or part of it) in the Quick Search box in the top right corner, and press Enter. See Quick Search.

Edit a person record

Find the person, right-click and choose Properties. You can only edit a person if you have the proper permissions. See Editing a person record.

  • Tip: to open your own record, click your name in the top right corner of any screen in Archie, under the Quick Search box.

Send an email

Find the person, right-click and choose Email.

Work with several records

Search for the people you need, and select them. See About Search and Selection.

View a review

Go to the Resources tab and locate the review group. Find the review in the review group's Reviews folder. Alternatively, go to the Search tab and search for the review. Once the review is found, right-click the title and choose View > Latest Version or View > Latest Published Version. See About reviews.

  • Tip: All reviews where you have a document role are shown in the My Reviews folder at the top of the Resources tree.

Compare two review versions

Right-click the title and choose Properties and go to the History tab. First click one version and then Ctrl-click the second version, so the two are highlighted. Click Compare. See Comparing versions.

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