How can I use Archie group roles to keep track of my group membership?

Methods Groups have the following roles available: 

Available group rolesPurpose of Archie group roleArchie access?
ConvenorLeadership of groupYES
Super UserAdminister the group and group rolesYES
Group MemberAddress book of core group membersNO
OtherAddress book of interested contactsNO
Web PublisherGrants permissions to edit websitesNO

You can add Role Specifications to all roles as needed, to manage contact records more efficiently. You can choose any specifications you wish.

Role Specifications might include:

  • Coordinator
  • Co-Convenor
  • Group administrator
  • Mailing list
  • Newsletter subscriber

You can adjust group roles to reflect people's level of engagement in your group, and to define contact lists for different mailings. 

Can I get help with managing contact records?

Yes. Your responsibility as a group Super User is to keep your group data accurate in terms of roles and permissions. You do not need to update group members' details on their behalf. The Cochrane Community Support team deals with all Cochrane Account issues and has saved template responses to common user queries. If group members contact you asking you to update their personal details, please direct them to

Can I use Archie to manage group mailing lists?

No. Archie is not a communications platform. People in Archie have Cochrane Accounts, and have agreed to us storing their data, but have not necessarily opted in to receive communications. You should manage your newsletters in a mailing system such as MailChimp. Please see Cochrane's Guidance to Groups on Data Protection.

For further information on creating newsletters in MailChimp, see Cochrane's recommendations for newsletters, branding and templates.

Should I keep lists of group contacts outside of Archie, e.g. on external spreadsheets?

No. Cochrane provides central systems to store personal data and you should use these systems. This ensures that all data are centrally, securely managed and kept up to date.

Personal data should only be stored in Archie. Archie is regularly backed up and is secure (accessible only to those with permissions). Personal data (for example, names and email addresses) should not be stored locally in Group files or on spreadsheets.

If you need help with moving external mailing lists into Archie, please contact