How can I change my group contact and address information?

Your group contact and address information in Archie must be kept up to date in order to ensure that the details display correctly on the Cochrane website. The list of Geographic Groups and linked map are populated from the group properties in Archie.

Check Cochrane's list of Geographic Groups to see if your group’s contact information is up to date and your website URL is listed.

If changes are needed, log in to Archie and follow the instructions in Editing a group.

Please note it may take up to 24 hours for all changes made to show up on other websites, which are fed from Archie. If you edit your group information and the changes do not display after 24 hours, or your location does not update on the group map, please contact

Which group roles should I allocate to people involved with my group?

Geographic Groups have the following roles available. Everyone who works with your group should have the Staff role.

You must notify the Cochrane Central Executive when certain group roles change. See Group roles.

Available group roles

Purpose of Archie group role

Do people with this role have access to Archie?

Super UserAdminister the group and group rolesYES
DirectorLeadership of the group; grants voting rights for Centre Directors' ExecutiveYES
Associate DirectorLeadership of the group; grants voting rights for Centre Directors' ExecutiveYES
Information SpecialistGrants access to CRS to maintain segmentYES
Advisory Board MemberKey non-staff stakeholdersNO
Affiliated ResearcherGrants temporary permissions to access staff resourcesNO
Mailing ListAddress book NO
OtherVolunteer contributors (with relevant role specification)NO
StaffGrants permissions to access staff resourcesNO
Web PublisherGrants permissions to edit websitesNO

Please allocate the Staff role to everyone who works with your group.

You can add Role Specifications to all roles as needed, to manage people's more efficiently. You can choose any specifications you wish.

Role Specifications might include:

  • Coordinator
  • Social media poster
  • Summer Intern

Why are group roles important?

See Super Users' guide to Archie.