Word count

In RevMan, it's possible to check the word count of the review you are working on. The recommended word limit for reviews in the focused review format is 10,000 words.

The word count includes the main text, the abstract, and the Plain Language Summary. Abstracts should be under 700 words and must not exceed 1,000 words. Plain language summaries should be over 400 words and must not exceed 850 words. See the Cochrane Style Manual

The word count and the recommended word limit do not include references and supplementary materials. 

Word count

Depending on the view mode, there are several ways to check the word count. See also Differences between views 

Previewing the main article

  • Select the default view and from the left-hand menu go to Submission preview > Main article  

  • In the default view, go to Dashboard > History Panel. Select a version that you want to preview and click Preview article or View (the button displays differently for reviews in the focused review format and in the old review format).  

In both cases, the current word count and the recommended maximum word limit for reviews and updates appear in the top right corner.  

Navigating, reviewing and editing sections in the default view and full-text view

Regardless of whether the selected view is default or full text, place your cursor in any of the text sections. When the toolbar appears, select the Word count icon to show the number of words and characters in that section.

The word count updates automatically when typing or deleting text while the word count drop-down is shown in the section.  

Please note that the word count function ignores text selection, and it counts all words and characters in the specific section. 

Tracking changes 

When the Track Changes function is enabled, the word count will not include text that has been deleted before the change is confirmed. On the contrary, it will count text that has been added, even if the changes haven’t been accepted yet.

The word count will be updated to the correct number of words and characters when the proposed changes are accepted.