Track changes

Choose how you view tracked changes

  • The dropdown arrow next to the eye icon on the toolbar allows you to choose how you view tracked changes in RevMan.
  • Wide sidebar is the default option. If you change this your settings will be saved when you next open a review. 
  • When you open a review, the default values are track changes 'off' and view changes 'on'. Hover over a change to see who made the change and when.

When you select the sidebar view, tracked changes will show to the right of the main text:

Start tracking changes

1) To start tracking changes, navigate to the text field you want to edit.

2) Click on the first track changes icon on the formatting toolbar (document with pencil) to start tracking changes, or click on the dropdown menu on that icon and select Track changes to turn on the option. 

3) New text will appear highlighted in green, and deleted text will appear in red with text strikethrough.

4) Once tracking is enabled you can move from one text field to another and the changes will still be tracked. 

Hide or show track changes

Use the second track changes icon on the formatting toolbar (pencil and eye) to hide or show track changes.

Accept or reject one change

1) Hover over the section of tracked text.

2)Click the green check mark to accept the change, or the red x to reject the change.

3) You can select a full sentence or paragraph and use the options on the track changes dropdown menu to accept or discard all suggestions in that selection.

If you choose Accept or Discard all suggestions, this will apply to all tracked changes in that particular section of text. 


  • To move to the next text box (without using your mouse), click on the 'Tab' key of your keyboard twice.  Then you can continue to accept/discard changes (as per above) by clicking with your mouse on the accept/discard option in the track changes dropdown menu.
  • If you track changes in the Abstract of your review, the total word count shown will reflect all text, including deleted sections. Accept tracked changes in the Abstract to see the final word count. 
  • Tracked changes made to forest plots cannot be viewed when comparing versions of your review. The recommended practice is to Tag a version of the review before and after making changes to a forest plot, to be able to compare versions to see the changes that were made.