Characteristics of studies

All new protocols created from 25 April 2023 have study centric data management enabled.

See Should I use study centric data management in my review?

If you are using study centric data management, you can import study characteristics with your study data: see Populate study data.

Whether you import your study characteristics or enter them manually in RevMan, it is essential to format your study characteristics according to Cochrane's style guidelines.

This includes adding footnotes for any abbreviations mentioned in the study characteristics

Set up characteristics of studies

The setup for the study characteristics table can be accessed via Review criteria or via the included studies screen.

Certain study characteristics are 'Core items' in RevMan and must be completed for each study for Cochrane reviews. The core items can be deactivated if needed. To add additional study characteristics, open the category of studies (e.g. Included) and select 'Edit characteristics definitions setup' from the 'Action' menu. 

Note: Characteristics of included studies tables are limited to having a maximum of 9 characteristic definitions (table headings).