Import study data from JSON

All new protocols created from 25 April 2023 have study centric data management enabled.

See Should I use study centric data management in my review?

Upload reference data before study data

If you want to import the bibliographic references data for included studies, upload the RIS file before importing the study data. This order is important - if you import them afterwards then you’ll get duplicate studies in RevMan. 

Import study data

The import allows you to: 

  1. Create new studies with their data
  2. Update existing studies (if you import new data it overrides the previous versions in RevMan)
  3. Import one or more types of data at the same time

On the Dashboard in the Action panel, click 'Import study data'.

Select Import from tool and upload the JSON file. If you get validation errors, you will need to resolve these before you can continue to import. 

Assuming you have no import validation errors, you can click 'Import study data'. 

Confirm import and then RevMan will import your study data and report on which studies were created and/or updated. A version will be tagged in the history before import so you can revert the changes if needed.