1. Import references to studies

You can bulk import references for included and excluded studies. You need to have a RIS-formatted text file of the references  bulk import is not possible in any other format.

On the left-hand side menu, under 'Studies', select Included, Excluded, Awaiting classification or Ongoing. Then click on 'Action' and 'Import studies from references' and upload the RIS formatted text format file of your references.

2. Move a reference to an Included or Excluded study

Click on the arrow to the right of the reference ID to reveal more information. Click on the ‘Action’ button, select ‘Move to Study’, and select which study you want to move the reference to (see the screenshots below). Note that you can not undo this edit. See Edit study information to learn how to manually add a study to the list of Included (or Excluded) studies.

3. Move a reference back to ‘Additional’ references

It is not possible to move a reference from the Included or Excluded study section back to ‘Additional’ references. If you have moved a reference by mistake, delete it from the study (see Edit study information) and either reimport that single reference in a RIS file, or manually add it to the 'Additional' references section (by using the ‘Add Reference’ button.