Dates and events

Check Dates and events before publication

What's new events in the Dates and events section in RevMan can be added by authors but should be reviewed by editors before publication.

As a general rule:

  • For an Update use the Updated event with a new citation event.
  • for an Amendment use the Amended event with or without a new citation event.

 What's new events cannot be changed after publication - if you have any doubts about what information to enter, please contact

See Assigning What’s New events to Cochrane Reviews

What are What's new events for?

Add What’s new events in RevMan when publishing an Amendment or an Update. These events are not a log of decisions or actions in the life of the review. They relate to a publication event; and explain why the review is being republished at this specific time and with specific changes since the last published version. 

  • The event chosen determines whether a version gets a new citation on the Cochrane Library
  • Dates and descriptions entered show in the Version History on the Cochrane Library

Who are What's new events for?

The date and description of What’s New events should be useful to Cochrane Library readers. What's new events help users of Cochrane evidence to understand the type of change that has merited a republication. In particular, the extent of changes and whether the conclusions have been changed. 

Add a What's New event

Go to Review information > Dates and events

Add event >See Assigning What’s New events to Cochrane Reviews

  • Include a maximum of two new What’s New events
  • The Date should be the date of publication (or as close to it as possible) - this is because this date will show as the citation date on the Cochrane Library
  • The Description is visible to readers. Please explain changes clearly and concisely

Move a What's New event to History

When you republish a new version, What’s New events from previous published versions must be moved to the History.

Select Action to the right-hand side of the relevant event. Select Move to history.