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Published notes

Published notes in RevMan are for editor use only. Authors should leave this section blank. 

Editors can add an Editorial note within the Published notes section.

Before adding an Editorial note, please read guidance on their usage. Please note that an Editorial note should be accompanied by a What's New Event - Amended (no new citation).

Add an Editorial note in RevMan

  • Navigate to About this review (focused review format) or Review information (long format) > Published notes.
  • Within Published notes, add the words 'Editorial note' as a level 2 heading

    Use the correct case!

    Please note that the level 2 Editorial note heading is case sensitive.

    The heading must display as above. Do not capitalise both words. This will prevent the note from displaying correctly.

  • Under this heading add the text of the note as a single paragraph of plain text, no lists, subheadings, figures or tables, and no more than 200 characters
  • You can add links to an Editorial note. If directing users to another Cochrane Review or protocol, please use the DOI of the article in the form https://doi.org/10.1002/14651858.CD00XXXX (see for instance this published example).
  • If there are any other published notes, the 'Editorial note' must appear last in this section.