Convert a RevMan 5 file to a RevMan data package

It is possible to convert a RevMan 5 file (.rm5) into a data package that can be imported into RevMan and other tools. The package includes the data files that can be exported using the export feature for all review types. If you have downloaded a RevMan 5 file from the Cochrane library, it will only contain data for the analysis

Subscribers do not need to convert a .rm5 file to a data package in order to create a new review in RevMan Portfolio pages. See further guidance on how to create a review from file.

Open RevMan and click on the Help icon to view the drop-down menu > Click on Convert a RevMan 5 file.  

Click on Choose file to select the RevMan 5 file you want to convert, then click on Export data package. 

Go to your desktop and unzip the file. The data-package file will contain: 

  • Article PDF  
  • CDnumber-files
    • Figures
    • CDnumber-data  
      • Study data (CSV only)
      • Analysis data
      • Other references