Assess and view lifecycle status for a review

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Assess and view the project lifecycle status

Watch our short video for more information on how to assess and view the lifecycle status of your review.

Only organizational subscribers have the option to create pending projects or to set future re-assessments. Individual subscribers can only see the In progress and Complete tabs.

When a project is completed or due for assessment, click on the review context menu (three vertical dots) to select Assess project status and add a new assessment for the review in question. 

Please note that the 'Assessment due' tab may not show depending on your organizational settings. See Change organization settings for more information.

The choices are:

  • New project: This will move the review to “In progress” and start a new project.
  • Pending project: This will move the review to “Not started” and you will have the option to start a new project later.
  • No project: This will allow you to choose a date when you can re-assess the review and move the review to "Assessment due". Alternatively, you can choose to mark this review as not requiring further assessment and the review will remain listed in “Complete”.

Select the new project status. You can add a reason for any decision you make.

Review status

When you access the review, you can check the status from the RevMan Dashboard > Status panel.

Reviews that are listed in the In progress tab will show Status: "Project name" in progress

Reviews that are listed in the Not started tab will show Status: "Project name" pending (review read-only)

Reviews that are listed in the Assessment due tab will show Status: Inactive (review read-only), due for assessment on Month DD, YYYY

Reviews that are listed in the Complete tab will show Status: Inactive (review read-only)

Filter by review type and project type

On the portfolio tab, the unit lead can see at a glance what types of reviews are involved, as each review type brings its own challenges. The review type is displayed next to the project type for all review lifecycle tabs.

Reviews can be filtered by review type on all lifecycle tabs and/or by project type on the ‘In Progress’ and the ‘Not started’ lifecycle tabs.

Please note that the production phase filter only applies to Cochrane reviews managed in RevMan project and portfolio management.

Portfolio decision log 

Unit leads can monitor the status of their portfolio by keeping track of recent decisions and changes.

Log in with your Unit Lead role and go to the Decision log in the left-hand menu. It is possible to select a timeframe in which decisions were made, and the results can also be sorted by column by clicking on the double arrow next to each column heading.

The decision types listed are the same displayed in the decision log panel displayed in the review dashboard. See all decision types.

Organization administrators and unit leads can also view previous decisions made for each review by clicking on the review context menu and selecting Decision log.

Key decisions can also be viewed in the Decision log panel of the Review dashboard in RevMan by anyone with access to the review. Read further information about the Decision log panel.