Pre-edit task


While manuscripts are in the queue for an accredited Cochrane copy editor, team members from J&J Editorial will complete a ‘pre-edit’ to apply Cochrane Style Manual requirements to certain sections of the manuscript.

The Pre-edit task may be assigned and completed before copy edit, while the Assign Copy Editor task remains open. A pre-edit may also be completed in parallel with copy edit. Task details will show on the Production task history.

Task assignment

When you are assigned a pre-edit task, you will receive a task assignment email from Editorial Manager. The Managing Editor will be copied in. The maximum turnaround time for this task is 7 days. 

  • Check the Production Notes in your assignment email for information from the ME relevant to the sections you will be editing. 
  • Download a blank Copy Editor Comments Form:

Follow the link in the task assignment email to open the review in RevMan.

Pre-edit and copy edit in parallel

Your pre-edit task may be assigned alongside the copy edit - or the Copy Editor may begin work before the pre-edit is complete.

In this case, please contact the Copy Editor by email to let them know which sections you will be working on and when, and any style decisions you have already made (e.g. all bulleted or numbered lists).

Keep notes on your copy of the Copy Edit Comments Form. When your task is complete, please: 

  • Update the Production Notes in Editorial Manager and take all other actions required at task completion: see Complete task
  • Upload the Copy Edit Comments form
  • Submit Production Task
  • View manuscript History > Correspondence History and open the email Task Assignment - RevMan: Copy Edit Initial to view the name and email address of the assigned Copy Editor
  • Use action Send Email and select letter template Pre-edit complete: notification to copy editor to let the Copy Editor know you have finished work 

The Copy Editor will now complete their copy edit and will also consolidate all comments and notes to authors on their copy of the Copy Edit Comments form. 


  • Apply Cochrane style to sections listed below (see Style Manual Tables and Punctuation):
    • Characteristics of studies tables
    • Additional tables
    • Appendices (other than Search Strategy)
    • References
    • (Only if specifically requested): Summary of Findings tables (editable in RevMan, not GRADEPro)
      • Check the review dashboard to confirm if the GRADEPro integration is enabled
      • If the integration is enabled, check the SoFT to confirm if linked tables have been created using the integration (linked tables have a GRADEPro icon - see the RevMan Knowledge Base)
      • If there are no linked tables, or the integration is not enabled, make any required changes to the SoFT to apply Cochrane style
  • Check all abbreviations used in the sections listed above are shown in the relevant section footnotes. Check if the same abbreviations are used in the main text and (if relevant) amend tables to match the main article.
  • Run a spellcheck in all sections and correct spellings throughout (see Production Notes for UK/US spelling preference) - we recommend running the spellcheck when other edits are complete, to catch any typos introduced during editing.

Complete task

  • Tag a version in RevMan with a relevant description (e.g. Pre-edit complete).
  • Locate the manuscript in EM and update the Production Notes to confirm what you have done – e.g. 'Pre-edit completed by J&J. Full spellcheck. Cochrane Style applied to SoF tables, CoS tables, Additional tables, Appendices. References corrected.'
  • Locate the pre-edit task under Submission Tasks Assigned to Me and click Submit Task.
  • On the task submission screen, select Upload Files and add your Copy Edit Comments Form as an attachment.
  • Submit Task. The task completion notification will go to production@ CC. the Managing Editor.

The copy editor will then know these sections do not need to be corrected.