To publish the translation of a Review or a page on Phrase, you need to set the status of the last workflow step of a job to "Completed".

When you publish a translation of a Review, it will be sent to Archie instantly. From Archie, it will usually be published on the Cochrane Library within 2-3 hours, and after that on within 1 hour.

1. Find the project that includes the job that you want to publish, and open it.

Use the filter to find a specific project and click on the project name to open it. More information in Find a specific Cochrane Review.

2. Go to the last workflow step, select the job and change the status to 'Completed'.

If your language has more than one workflow step, you will need to make sure you are displaying the job at this step. The workflow step displayed appears at the top of the Job section to the left of the menu buttons. If you are not on the final workflow step, you will need to go to it by clicking on the arrow next to the workflow step and selecting the last step from the dropdown menu (see image below).

Once you are on the last workflow step select the job and change the status to 'Completed' by marking the left-hand box and clicking on “Edit” (see image below).

On the edit page, select “Completed by provider” from the drop-down field of “Status”. Then click the “Save button”.