A. Which Cochrane Reviews are available for translation on Phrase?

1. Reviews that were published in the past 12 months are available for translation

When a review is published in English, we create a new project for each language on Phrase for you to translate. When a review is updated or amended and re-published, we delete any existing projects of this review on Phrase and create a new project, so that you always have the most recent version of each review available on Phrase. On Phrase, you will find all Cochrane Reviews that were published in the past 12 months. Phrase automatically deletes projects 12 months after they were created. If you need to translate reviews that were published more than 12 months ago, you can add a review that is missing.

2. Withdrawn Reviews, Titles or Protocols of Cochrane Reviews are not available for translation

Please note that we do not support the translation of Withdrawn Reviews, Protocols or Registered Titles of Cochrane Reviews, so you will not find these on Phrase.

B. Find a specific Cochrane Review in Phrase

1. Enter the CD number of the review in the main search field on the top right of Phrase. 

2. Alternatively, go to the list of Projects. Click on the "Filter" button at the top, click on "Name" and then enter the CD number of the review into the field.