You can filter the list of users to find specific users.

Click on the "Filter" button on the top right corner of the list of users, enter the user information you are looking for in the corresponding columns, and click "OK".

You can filter for the following details in your list of users:

ActiveUsers can be active or inactive. Click on the box to filter only active users.
#The user number. When a user is created, it gets a number assigned to it in numerical order across all languages. The higher the number the newer the user.
Last NameLast name of the user.
First NameFirst name of the user.
UsernameUsername. When a user is created, it gets a username assigned based on its full name.
EmailEmail of the user.

Role of the user. Users can be Linguists, Project Managers, or Administrators.

Target languagesThe language(s) into which a user translates.
WorkflowThe steps in which a useir can edit a document. These can be Translation (T), Editing (E), and/or Final Review (FR)