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We add reviews and pages automatically to Memsource for translation when they are first published and updated.

If you want to translate a document that is not on Memsource automatically, you can add it manually.

1. Email the Cochrane Support Team ( They can set up a dedicated Memsource project for you to add documents manually.

2. Go to that project, and click on the "New" button in the Jobs section to add a new job.

This will open a window where you can upload documents and create a new job, see image below. Use the "Browse" button to select the file you want to translate from your computer. Depending on the file type you want to upload, you need to determine the import settings. If you want to upload a Word document, for example, click on MS Word and check the default settings, and adapt them if needed. You can find details on the import settings for different file formats here: If you need help with import settings, contact

3. For each workflow step, you can assign a translator, set a deadline, notify the translator and pre-translate the job at the same time as creating the job, but you can also just leave those fields empty and assign the job separately. 

4. Then click "Create".

5. Assign and translate the job in the different workflow steps as you would usually do.

6. When you set the last workflow step to completed, you can download the completed job to your computer. Select the completed job, click on the "Download" button, and select "Completed file".

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