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Version history

Version 2,  

Translators of Cochrane content agree to the following terms and conditions. Cochrane content includes, but is not limited to, Cochrane Reviews, editorials, special collections and podcasts of the Cochrane Library, Cochrane training materials, Cochrane methods guidance, and other content of the Cochrane Library and cochrane.org.

  1. Cochrane content should be translated accurately and with care.
  2. Translators should use clear, plain and simple language so that readers can understand their translations.
  3. Translators guarantee that their translations are original (their own work).
  4. Translators agree to use and adopt Cochrane and Cochrane Group translation guidance, standard processes, training materials and software.
  5. Translations will be reviewed and may be modified as part of Cochrane’s quality assurance processes. 
  6. Cochrane and Cochrane Groups will use reasonable efforts to acknowledge translators by name with the published translation. Translators can choose not to be named.
  7. Translators can reject any translation work that Cochrane or any Cochrane Group offers to them. Cochrane or any Cochrane Groups are also not obliged to offer translation work to translators.
  8. Unless otherwise agreed in writing:
    1. Cochrane translators are volunteers;
    2. volunteer translators are not employees or consultants of Cochrane; and
    3. Cochrane will make no payments to volunteer translators.
  9. In consideration of their contribution, Cochrane grants translators during the time of their engagement:
    1. a non-exclusive, royalty-free (fully paid up), non-transferable licence to copy and modify Cochrane content as needed to complete translations only;
    2. free access to Cochrane Interactive Learning; and
    3. access to any third-party software licensed by Cochrane for the purpose of translating Cochrane content only.
  10. Translators hereby assign all existing and future intellectual property rights in their translations to Cochrane.
  11. These terms and conditions may be updated from time to time. Translators with a Cochrane account will be notified of any updates by email.